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Imagining the future of banks as brokers of personal data

The strength of bockchain is, notoriously, its immutability and its consequent security, paired with inferior costs when compared with other solutions. Although there has been a lot of experimentation going on in many areas, the natural early adopters are, as a matter of fact, the banks, that are more and more interested in this technology as a safe, fast and cheap way to manage transactions. But many out there think that the role of banks in these new scenarios goes far beyond that.

An introduction to Bitcoin transactions

An interesting difference between traditional currencies and Bitcoin is the fact that a Bitcoin user does not have a pool of money, like a bank account, representing his wealth. Instead wealth is encoded inside transactions.

Bitcoin’s issue with privacy and Zero Knowledge currencies

Privacy, and the need of a complete anonymity in Bitcoin transactions, are an important issue for the Bitcoin community, among active users and others. The issue was also discussed in the last Scaling Bitcoin conference.

The Bitcoin Meetup at the SELLALAB accellerator

On Monday October 17th, we went in Turin to take part in the Bitcoin Meetup, at the SELLALAB accellerator, an accellerator for fintech startups with a special focus on Blockchain.
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