Chapter I: The boy from this side

It was one of those days when you knew it could only get better. One of those days when you had to run in the rain to catch the bus because you overslept again. One of those days when you had to skip breakfast because there was not even enough time for grabbing bare toast from the kitchen. One of those days like when you knew you had forgotten something important but couldn’t quite tell what it was. 
So there he was. The “hero” of this story. Just some boy, unaware of what the day has in stock for him. There he was, sheltering himself from the rain under the old run-down bus-stop. He was going to be late again and he knew that his teachers wouldn’t let him off so easily this time. 
It didn’t matter to him anyways. Spending the evening in detention or spending the evening locked in the house with his “family” who didn’t care for anything else but fighting. Thinking about it, staying in school was the better choice; a boring choice though. 
There was nothing in the life of this young man that he could be looking forward too. There were no hobbies, no friends in school to talk to, no delicious fresh-cooked food awaiting him when coming home and no signs that the next day would be any different. Just lying in bed and waiting for this boring life to get interesting.
So there he was on one of those days. He sat there in silence, soaked, watching the raindrops fall to the wet ground, listening to the soothing sound of every single drip crashing into the pavement. Keeping his head down he just listened with his eyes closed. It was one of the few occasions in which he was able to relax, when there were no people around.
It was then that he heard a faint sound. Like a soft screeching, but barely noticeable. He raised his head, looked around and searched for the source of this sound. He could not distinguish what this sound belonged to until he saw a bird. Right! A bird. It was a birds chirping what he heard. He watched the winged creature as it landed on the other side of the road. Black feathers coated the animal that seemed to be directly looking at him. It made him wary. The only birds you would usually see in this city were pigeons. Never had he seen such a bird. Not in this grey landscape.
He kept eye contact and could still hear the chirping but the bird did not move its beak one bit. He looked around again, searching for the birds companion but still could not determine where the chirping came from. His eyes returned to the other side of the street but the bird had disappeared. 
“Finally some peace.” is what the boy thought until he saw the bird flying directly toward his face. Jumping off the bench on dodged his attacker and landed hard on the ground. Ready to shout at the winged bastard he looked toward the sky in search for his now sworn enemy. But the black bird had disappeared again.
So there he was. The “hero” of this story. Just some boy, unaware of what the day has in stock for him. It could only get better after he overslept, missed the bus, was soaked by the rain and even attacked by a bird. On top of that his stomach now was growling because he had not even had a chance to eat breakfast. Sitting on the wet floor his head sank. “What if I just go home again? Mom won’t be home till 1pm anyways…”. 
Suddenly chirping noises again. Now louder than before. Much louder. As if the bird was sitting behind his back. He quickly turned around. This time it was easy to determine the source. It was under the ground? He noticed a small puddle on the ground. Tiny waves formed on the puddle as the rain fell to the ground. Curiously, the boy crawled slowly to the puddle. He thought he must be imagining things but now he was certain: The puddle was the source of the chirping noises?
He summoned all of his courage, pushing the coward inside himself aside. Taking a deep breath he prepared himself and looked into the puddle only to see a girl.
Startled he jumped back and landed on his rear end. Questioning his sanity he opened his eyes again. He saw the cloudy sky, the rain, the trees.
Trees that have not have been there before. He took a quick look around. Trees, trees and more trees and right before him this girl.

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