Chapter II: The girl from the other side

It was one of those days when you knew it could only get better. One of those days when you have been trying this spell for hours already. One of those days when you had been in the forest for so long that you did not notice that the sun was about to set and you haven’t even eaten lunch yet. One of those days when it started raining and you still did not go home because you had to do this first.
So there she was. The other “hero” of this story. Just some girl, unable to cast this illusion spell on any of the forest’s inhabitants. Learning this new spell was going so bad, the animals were not even noticing that she had tried to make them her personal guards to fight for her. So after hours and hours that she had spent here in the forest on this cloudy day she finally gave up on “Animal Allegiance”. With a frustrated moan she looked straight up in the sky and her eyes widened. She had not noticed that it must have started raining about an hour ago. Disbelieving of the fact that she had made no progress at all today she packed up her wet books and stuffed them into the backpack and put it on her back. Annoyed by the weight of wet books, scrolls and a useless dagger she had not even had a chance to try out once, she grunted. “No Animals Allegiance, my books are all wet, heavy bag on my back and no food in my belly. This could go no worse.” 
Then she had an idea. An idea she should have thought of hours ago when it started to rain. Maybe she could learn a new spell after all. Not Animal Allegiance though. That spell just was never going to happen. She put her backpack down on the muddy ground again and started to search a specific book in it until she finally found it. “The Art of Manipulating Water and its Benefits”. A very fancy title for a book that could teach you how to do useless stuff with water like grabbing it from a source like a bottle or a river and shooting it into the air. However there were one or two useful spells in there. “Ah there it is, “Shelter””. After skimming through the explanation for a minute or two she put her hand above her head like a shield and with a vibrating glowing sound an invisible shield formed above her head that sheltered her from the rain like an umbrella.
Feeling overwhelmed with joy from this victory she shouted and boasted in the sky. Now with a bright smile in her face she packed up her books yet again and put on the backpack. “Ugh. Next on my agenda is a spell that carries my bags and after that something to dry my clothes. A spell to conjure something to eat would be nice too.”
Just before she was about to leave she suddenly heard a noise and stopped. It was a faint sound. Like a soft screeching, but barely noticeable. She raised her head, looked around and searched for the source of this sound. She could not distinguish what this sound belonged to until she saw a bird. Right! A bird. It was a birds chirping what she heard. She watched the winged creature as it landed on a tree opposite of her. Black feathers coated the animal that seemed to be directly looking at her. She shrugged her shoulders and continued to walk with her head down and one hand stretched to the sky casting the spell that saved her from getting even more soaked. 
But she only got to walk a few meters until she noticed the face of a strange looking boy in a puddle. “Who is casting that mirror? What do you want?” Suddenly she was pushed back as the strange looking boy appeared right before her. The push by this attacker and the heavy weight on her back were enough to make her fall to the ground.
She looked up again and saw before her this boy.
 It was one of those days when anything could happen. So there they were, the “heroes” of this story: A boy who came to this world without knowing anything about why and how and a girl who was struggling with learning easy illusion spells.

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