A Transparency Report is a Canary | SpiderOak

Over the weekend there has been chatter on the internet about the change at SpiderOak from a Warrant Canary to a Transparency Report. We understand that some people are concerned that this is a signal that we have in some way been compromised. To be completely clear: Nothing has changed other than the way we report our interactions with the government from the first time we posted a canary in August 2014.

We have received: 0 Search Warrants, 0 Subpoenas, 0 Court Orders, and 0 National Security Letters.

Even better for our customers, we couldn’t hand over their data even if we were asked to. The No Knowledge approach that SpiderOak uses means that we we don’t have the keys to decrypt the data you trust us to store for you.

Thank you for choosing SpiderOak and deciding to trust in cryptography instead of promises.

Originally published at SpiderOak.com on August 6, 2018.

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