Introducing SpiderOak One version 7.0

The SpiderOak team is pleased to announce the release of SpiderOak ONE and SpiderOak Groups version 7.0.

This version features a redesigned user interface as well as a large number of enhancements and improvements. Cross-platform syncing is more stable and reliable. Improvements have been made so the application uses less CPU and other system resources than ever before.

The SpiderOak ONE and SpiderOak Groups mobile applications have also been updated with an updated user interface and many bug fixes.

In order to get the full benefit of these changes and enhancements, we recommend that all SpiderOak ONE users update all of their devices to version 7.0. You can download it on our downloads page.

For more information, please see the release notes:

We hope you enjoy using version 7.0 as much as we enjoyed building it!

Originally published at on January 9, 2018.