Fast & Furious an apt title for Trump’s Administration

Like many I have been shaken out of my political complacency by Donald Trump’s election. Now 14 days into his presidency, I find my head spinning.

In those 14 days he has issued a total of 20 executive actions: 8 executive orders and 12 presidential memoranda. (According to the website as of 3 February 2017.) Just as I start to get my head around one — BAM — the next one hits and my process of assimilation starts all over again.

And that, I believe, is the entire point.

The rapid fire release of executive actions serves two purposes for the Administration:

Feeding his base. Mr. Trump, while campaigning, painted a picture of himself as a ‘man of action’ (among other things). This image is still being pushed by his surrogates. On 1/28/17 Kellanne Conway tweeted: “Get used to it. @POTUS is a man of action and impact….” This flurry of orders and memoranda reinforces this image to his base supporters.

He also is showing his base he’s making good on campaign promises.

The Wall? Check.

Tough on extremist Islamic terrorism? Check.

Creating jobs? (by proxy — that’s what deregulation is supposed to do) Check.

And so they are happy.

And then there is the opposition (and I don’t mean the press). The head spinning I referred to is exactly the reaction the Administration is looking for.

Keep ‘em off balance.

Don’t allow the opposition to any one executive action gain traction. Throw another one out there.

And it’s working.

I can’t think of one thing in the last 14 days that has come out of the White House that I agree with. That includes not only Mr. Trump’s executive actions, but his cabinet appointees as well.

The problems reach further back than 14 days. There’s his massive conflict of interest issues and Russian influence in the election and the possible collusion of members of his campaign.

So, what have I done? I’ll be the first admit that it’s baby steps. I’ve contacted my senators (who are Democrats), for the first time since time I’ve been eligible to vote, urging them to vote ‘No’ on Mr. Trump’s nominees.

What’s next? Protest? Donate to the ACLU? Join an Indivisible group or start one? Quite possibly.

I know I cannot be the only one to have Donald Trump’s presidency awaken their political activism. I would like to hear others’ thoughts and what actions they’ve taken.