Top 5 Document Binding Techniques

Creating high quality professional document is easier than ever. Full document binding and document finishing from digital printing service makes your reports and brochures looks presentable. Binding written materials together produces professional looking documentation which will have a greater impact on your audience. This is a good way to ensure that the documentation are not assembled in a haphazard manner and can be located easily as and when required.

Binding of documents is a real necessity. You cannot simply staple the report or project after spending lots of hours for making it presentable. Quotations, Handouts, Policy Documents, Training Manuals, Development Plans, Proposals, Contracts and Reference Manuals, if bound together, demonstrate professional pride in your work. Some common advantages are:

  • Presents a better image.
  • Enhances storing and handling facility.
  • Guards written materials from damages
  • Make a unique appearance to impress everyone.

Binding is classified in different categories depending on the purpose of the document.

Comb Binding: Comb binding is simple, common and readily available binding style. This binding style is economical and popular, plastic comb binder are strong and reusable. Plastic comb binding has the ability to open flat and easy copying and can be easily opened and closed. The binding sizes up to 2 inches are mostly seen in varied color option. Using this method, you can produce professional looking documents within few minutes.

Ring binding: Ring binding is simple and cost efficient, and a good solution when page revisions might need to be periodically put into your document.

Coil Binding: Spiral coil binding is a great option for making the documents more attractive. The documents are wound in single piece of pre-coiled plastic binding onto the edge of the book. The spiral binders are available in varied colors which makes is ideal to match with company logos or report covers. Additionally, the binded material can easily wrap around and open flat for ease of copying and reading. Documents bind with coil bindings are ideal for mailing since the spines are flexible and retain their shape exceptionally well. Most important, the service charges are less and the document lasts long.

Stitched binding: Also known as booklet making or saddle stapling, stitched bindings are often used for small booklets, address books, and calendars. This is a cost effective way to attach up to 40 pages and can save quite a bit.

Perfect Binding: Another name for perfect binding is bookbinding, the type you see on paperback books. This type of book binding is preferable for presentations and books to impart a professional look. Perfect binding is absolute for large presentation binding to make nice, neat and awesome look.

So, what is the best option while there are multiple attractive binding styles to choose from. Here is the answer. Whatever option you choose, look for the best digital printing service provider. Check the credibility and deliverables availed till date and make your order at most reasonable rates.

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