How to Be Smarter Than People Smarter Than You
Todd Brison

I want to be someone who can carry a convo about things that people want to talk about. Nobody wants to talk about work all the time — boring. Case in point: I don’t go baseball games (can’t stand the smell of hotdogs) but before a party or other social gathering, I’ll read all I can about the last three games plus some editorials. In less than and hour, I’m ready for a nice little convo about the Dodgers over beer. +1 character points for participating in a topic that lots of people (especially Angelinos) like to talk about. From experience, there are topics to avoid: politics, crap that film critics write, editorials about downer shit. Things to read: cooking tips, recipes (I shit you not), vacation spots (places I’ve been or will go soon), extreme sports, musicians you like (get the idea?). Jokes are dangerous — I’ll keep a pun or two up my sleeve, but generally stay away from humor unless I’m really feeling it. Recently added: life hacks (of various types). Depends on the social setting. As my granddad said: “Smart isn’t everything if you don’t enjoy life.”

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