When it’s time to reflect

It’s April, the year that began yesterday or what feels like yesterday, is now in its second quarter. A lot has a happened and plans that were made in the beginning of the year have been worked on. Or ignored.

Of the plans that were actually worked on, not all are successful and that is okay. Mistakes are learning points. So if you feel like you have been digging in the trenches for far too long, we are sorry, it’s only been three months, but that does not necessarily mean that you cannot take a minute to gather yourself.

Taking a break from work, school or your business when you feel or know that you have not been performing exemplarily well might feel unwarranted. But it is a good and important thing to do. In fact, studies show that taking a break leads to boosts in productivity and reduces the occurrence of burnouts. You want to spread those creative juices evenly, don’t you?

Now, just in case that does not really convince you, taking a break a does not always mean going on vacation; take that week, day or even afternoon off and choose to use it to examine these ‘failing’ aspects of your life. If you run your business for instance, chances are, you are so busy with day to day operations that you never have the chance to detach and look at it from a fresh perspective. Do that today.

Why do you think you are under performing? Now, why are you underperforming? These two questions are different and rarely amount to the same answer, so if you are going to ask them, it is important that you approach yourself honestly. You might not be failing, in fact, you might be thriving. But success can oftentimes overwhelm. Take a minute to acclimate to the success, let yourself soak in happiness that is a growing business or the pride that comes with a first class degree.

Don’t just take the next challenge. Don’t just try to fix your problems, map out a plan. You don’t have to wait till New Years Eve to hit the restart button, you can do it now.

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