Random thoughts on the nature of the universe.

Guido van Nispen / L1000888-Edit-2

Formal qualitative nature of the universe is a continuum with one extreme being particles and the other consciousness.

Whether you look at a single particle or a galactic cluster of them, you are still looking at one extreme only (although the other one is contained; works both ways).

Informal nature of the formal universe feels like an insanely elaborate dream of an unknown brain. Human being is like a mirror of the unknown universal brain dreaming its world.

Dream is our reality.

Thoughts, feelings, ego, etc. are real. They even manifest as electrochemical events in the body.

Before there was either chicken or egg, there were single-celled organisms.

Where there is anxiety, there is some kind of pressure.

Where there is anger, there is some kind of conflict.

Wherever we look, we see just ourselves.

We know exactly, what is the truth.

One infinite now.