Thus the Zen koan, “Without thinking of good or evil, show me your original face before your mother…
Jack Preston King

Thank you, Jack Preston King, somehow, your post makes me feel warm inside :)

Who were we in the womb?

This reminds me of the time, when my wife was pregnant with our first child. We used to talk a lot to this “surprise in her belly”. When the planned date of birth came near, we had to choose the name for the baby. As crazy as I am, I proposed to leave the decision to the child. I started by asking “the belly”, if it’s a boy. Nothing happened. “Are you a girl?” I continued. Lo and behold — a kick. “Nah, it must be coincidence.” Nevertheless, I repeated it several times, each “boy” — nothing, each “girl” — a kick. So, I went through all girl names, we have chosen previously. It was a short list of roughly five or six names (don’t remember the exact count). We repeated the names several times, in different order, but the kick came always with one name only. Few weeks later, my wife gave birth to a girl. We gave her the name, that “made her kick”. Up to this date our daughter loves her name. When we talk with her about other possible names she could get, she always chooses the name she got.

Before that? What “I” transmigrates from lifetime to lifetime?

This is something, that bugs me too. Reincarnation seems really viable, but the exact how-to still escapes me, especially in the light of “karma spanning through one’s lifetimes”.

The spiritual path is the most interesting puzzle available to us. It’s weird how many people ignore it these days.

Considering the state of traditional religions, spirituality (even the systems with long tradition), or “new” secular inventions like psychology and self-improvement, I’m not that surprised. People are disillusioned, and consider it all just a money generating scam of the worst caliber (and in 90% it sadly is), exploiting the fear and suffering of humanity. Some people (insiders, mind you) even call it industry. Problem with secular ways is, that they don’t go for the causes, and only deal with symptoms. They lack depth. I’m not surprised, that we have Devil and Mara in our vocabulary, that Gnostics talked about Archons, Castaneda had his Mud Shadows, and some folks talk about alien abductions. It borders on delusion (well, maybe it crosses the border :), but sometimes it really looks, like a concerted otherworldly effort. Test, maybe? Well, reality is probably much less esoteric: greed + laziness = corruption.

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