The Hurtful Comment that Almost Snatched My Confidence
Kassey Vilches

Thank you Kassie. I have struggled for the past few months because of a facial where retinol and glycolic ingredients were in a mask. I had told the woman I was severely allergic to both but her English was limited and she misunderstood. I had gotten used to scars on my face from a car accident but this was worse… a chemical burn.

I wanted to wear a sign that said these are not pimples….but then I began to notice others who were challenged with adult acne… and slowly but surely my face is healing but I was stunned at how it ripped my usual over confident self. “What is in the way is the way” is a favorite quote of my wise daughter. ( I think from Tolle?)

I can go nowhere without covering it up … then need to ask what else am I hiding?!am in denial as I answer not much… but am thinking the paper clutter in my project room, extra weight, snatches of sugar in an otherwise healthy diet? Hmmmm….

Will keep exploring. Yesterday having another wonderful soothing facial the person suggested I not swim for awhile as the chlorine and sun are not helping. Insane comment as that time in aquafit feeds my heart and soul. It is my favorite part of the day.

Will just keep searching for insight and continue to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize my seriously dry skim!!! I will continue to hold you in the light! Thank you for sharing! I keep thinking “ this too shall pass! “ Never forget you are beautiful inside and out and your writing is authentic and stirring and is much appreciated.

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