2017 Is Going To Be the Best Year EVER

How am I able to make such bold predictions?


Because I know that everything is relative.

To me, 17 is the most significant number in my life, and since I’ve taken back the reigns of my ship, I plan to do everything in my power to make 2017 the most eventful and extravagant year of my existence.

I highly doubt I’ll make it to 2117, so I gotta make the most of the only year with 17 in it that I’ll probably live through.

Let me give you a little insight as to why I love the number 17.

My first major steps toward adulthood occurred when I was 17 years old. At that age — one year before the age of majority (18) in the area I live — I got my driver’s license, obtained a fake ID (which allowed me to go to bars and casinos, which eventually turned out to be some of my biggest vices) and lost my precious V-card (are guys even allowed to use that term?).

Also at the age of 17 was when I became heavily involved in nefarious activities which ultimately changed the course of my life. I had previously dabbled in relatively minor offenses and petty crime — compared to what I got myself into later on in life — prior to turning the big 1–7, but the real trouble came one year before I legally turned into an adult.

Another factor for my choosing of 17 to be “my” number is my birth date. I was born on the 17th of February and it has always been a super-important number to me.

I realize that placing this much importance and significance into a number seems rather silly and outlandish, but what can I say? It’s that important to me.

Normally, I’m not superstitious and don’t buy into the whole luck thing a whole lot, but my intuition tells me that there’s going to be something special about 2017…

Life Is What You Make Of It

I know with absolute certainty that at least one life changing event will happen to me next year.

As of February 5th, I’ll be eligible to get my license back. I know that this may not seem like a huge deal to any of y’all, but to me, it’ll improve all aspects of my life.

It’s been 1.5 years since I’ve been legally able to drive and a lot of things have changed during this enlightening period.

Life for me drastically changed. My mindset, attitude, and perspective underwent a major overhaul.

I’ve been able to make a bunch of minor adjustments which have totaled into a significant change.

The direction that my life is now headed in is something I am proud and optimistic about. I am excited for what the future brings, and for the first time in my life, I feel ready and strong enough to handle anything that may be coming my way.

I must admit how It’s rather pathetic how it took me 12+ years of making mistakes, 12+ years of accumulating experiences and an upcoming “year of a significant number” to get me to smarten up and take action.

But you know what? As stupid and silly and time-wasting as it may seem, I’m glad things are transpiring the way they are.

Even though I don’t know what exactly the future’s going to bring and I should’ve/would’ve/could’ve benefited from realizing this fact long, long ago, all I know is that I’m making the best of it now.

We all can.

All it takes is a few mindset tweaks.

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