Be Like Nike

It appears as though today’s common theme on Medium is the importance of “showing up.” I’ve already read like 20 articles on the same damn topic! All of them were written today, too!

And since I don’t have any extraordinary value to add to that conversation, I’ll just simply add this:

Be like Nike and Just Do It.

If you wanna show up and write and practice and publish and all that good stuff, great. Do your thang.

If you don’t wanna show up and let your skills diminish and slowly fall off the wagon, don’t. No one’s pointing a gun to your head.

If you wanna take a break for a few days to collect your thoughts or to get over the frigid-ass weather or for whatever reason, it’s all you, boss.

The point I’m trying to emphasize is that whatever you decide to do (or not do), just do it.

Think it over a bit, but don’t overdo it. Overthinking is a deathtrap.

Don’t stress over it too much.

Last time I checked, mistakes are allowed to be made and nobody has proven to be perfect.

Life is an excellent teacher. Especially when mistakes are made. But you’ll never be able to learn from life until you’ve either done things the right way or the wrong way.

You need to start by taking some motherf*cking action.

So take the advice of the millions of people who are constantly reminding you to just “show up.”

Or, you can do it your own way and in your own style and blaze your own trail.

Just remember that all actions have consequences.

And whatever you decide to do, just f*cking do it already!

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