Either Be Timeless Or Waste Less Time

The importance of time can be depicted by reciting your choice of cliché time analogy, there are a shit-ton to choose from.

According to my best friend, Google, the average life expectancy at birth is 71 years. That leaves us with just over 7 decades to accomplish everything we’ve ever set out to accomplish.

For the majority of us, the first few decades of our lives are used to learn, experience, and strategize for our upcoming years. The last few decades are used to relax, wind down, and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

If you subtract the learning years and the golden years from your supposed life expectancy, you’re only left with somewhere between 2.5–3.5 decades.

That means 25–35 years where we’re at our physical, mental, and emotional peak. Doesn’t seem quite that long anymore, does it?

From the beginning until most likely the end of time, society will always be instilling the great importance, worth, and value of time. And since I happen to agree with society on this one, I won’t waste anymore of your time.

Regardless of whatever endeavor, dream, or legacy you are chasing after, my advice to you is simple: ensure it will endure the test of time or waste less time on it. If the ROI doesn’t make sense to you, abort mission, I repeat ABORT MISSION.

Of course, this is only my perception. I’m just some son–of-a gun trying to be wise. But I’m pretty sure what I’m saying makes sense. Or else I wouldn’t be saying it.


Peace be with you! :D