Fine-Tuning Your Bullshit Detector Prevents Bullshit from Fine-Tuning You

Why face value is for suckers and validation must come from due diligence.

Nowadays, nothing is what it seems to be (except for me, of course).

People are lazy AF and don’t do shit for themselves.

Including fact checking.

They absorb whatever information they receive at face value.

But don’t these people know that at face value, anyone can say anything?

What happens when the face changes?

Or, if the face wasn’t even real to begin with?

Then, what are you left with to believe in?

The thing that you should’ve relied upon in the first place.

Your bullshit detector.

Should’ve invested sweat equity to fine-tune that beast.

Maybe it would’ve saved you from embarrassment/heartache/disappointment.

Maybe the bullshit wouldn’t have fine-tuned you?

Maybe next time?