For Those Who Said “Wake Me Up When September Ends”: WAKE UP!

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While I’m at it, I might as well try to wake up all you other sleeping motherf*ckers too.

When I say “other sleeping ass motherf*ckers,” I’m referring to those who are half-assing their way through life and not even making an effort to realize their full potential.

I apologize for the explicit language. I’m just using it to try to evoke emotion and for effect.

But if you’re actually one of these “sleeping motherf*ckers” or one of those who decided to sleep until the end of September, it’s time to wake up. Tomorrow is a new dawn, a new day, a new month. Get your ass out of bed and get ready to finish 2016 with a bang!

Before we continue, let set one thing absolutely straight. Just because you decided to sleep until the end of September or because you’re half-assing your way through life doesn’t mean I think you’re a motherf*cker.

Like I previously said, I’m trying to use some colorful language for effect and to get some of your emotions going.

I don’t think you’re a motherf*cker at all. I’m sure you’re a wonderful person.

But seriously, use this as a reminder to keep your head in the game — I know I will. Don’t waste time. There’s only three months left in this year. Make them count.

So I guess this is a reminder for both you and me.

And hey, I think I just figured out the true meaning of the expression “sleep is for the dead.”