Hate It or Love It But My Style Is Brutal Honesty

I apologize if my words are too blunt and direct for your liking, but I’m convinced that brutal honesty is what the population needs most.

I don’t understand why people sugar coat and exaggerate and beat around the bush so much. To me, those things are disrespectful and time-wasting. And since time is of the essence, I won’t waste any of yours.

I won’t tell you what you want to hear. I’ll tell you what you need to hear.

But how do I know what you need to hear?

Because I’ve done a lot of living and learning and I’m an expert at what it takes not to succeed. So I can prevent non-success from happening like no other.

As for success, I’ll prove to you that you’re already a success — regardless of your circumstances.

I’ll work on my story-telling to make things interesting, entertaining and relatable for ya, but my main objective is to enlighten you.

I’m aspiring to be as great as Tony Robbins.

And since there’s already enough bullshit in our universe, I’m not gonna add to it. I’m gonna do my best to counteract it. With cold… hard… truth.

Because if you truly respect someone, the very least you should do is give them every opportunity to progress in life by giving ’em the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Which is why honesty has top priority in my life. Alongside authenticity and simplicity.

Come along for the ride. Let me prove my worth and add value to your life.