Holidays Are Overrated, For The Most Part

What kind of blind fool needs a “special” day required to show their love and appreciation?

Since Mother’s day is this weekend, I thought why not rant a bit (fuck normal, be an anomaly). So here goes.

Why not show gratitude for what you have, what the world has been blessed/cursed with and what has changed history every damn day?

Why does a specific day on the calendar automatically turn most peoples’ appreciation level up?

I understand days of major historical importance and significance like Christmas, Easter, birthdays, etc., but Mother’s day, Father’s day, National whatever the fuck day?


In my opinion, these “special” days are geared towards encouraging the general population to go out there and spend to show love. Meaning has been drowned out by market.

But I guess it is a dog eat dog world though, right? Everyone needs to get theirs.

I just wish more people would concentrate on the meaning behind these so-called “holidays” as opposed to just spending, spending, spending. I am no historian, but I don’t think these special days were created for that particular reason.

See why I hate the fuckin’ system and how it’s successfully altering mindsets?

Ah well. Happy Mother’s day, regardless!

You can bet your ass I don’t need a special day to show my appreciation — for anyone or anything. I show it through my actions.


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