It’s My Pleasure To Make YOU Smile

My first ever dream job was to be a comedian. I’ve always had a knack for keeping things lighthearted, cracking jokes, and being that person people laughed with/at.

I realized that helping people enjoy themselves would fulfill my life.

Over the years, my ambitions and aspirations changed drastically due to my surroundings and what I thought would make me successful. At some point or another in my life, my desired career path was that of a car salesman, drug trafficker, professional poker player, legal assistant, auto body mechanic, flooring installer, and many other professions that I cannot recall on the spot.

While dabbing in each of these career paths gave me more life experience and taught me valuable lessons, thankfully, I realized that they all led me to a destination I didn’t want to arrive at — a satisfied life.

(Un)fortunately, I received a DUI conviction that altered the course my life. I bent to the point of breaking. I had to completely rebuild myself and start from less than scratch (scratch plus a few consequential handicaps).

Which takes us to NOW. Today, after experiencing everything that I’ve experienced, I am ready to devote my life to be of service to YOU. No longer will I be pursuing a satisfied life. I’m now chasing after a life of fulfillment.

I hereby devote my life to adding value to the lives of my fellow human beings.

More specifically, I will share the knowledge and wisdom I have obtained while cracking you the fuck up. I am determined to make the world a better place than it was prior to my arrival.

Put me in, coach. I’m ready to tear shit up, coach. Give me the opportunity, coach.