Me and Writing Are Officially Taking a Break

I did it. I finally did it.

I developed enough courage to record myself and uploaded it for others to enjoy.

It’s scary AF putting yourself out for the universe to judge, but I feel that video captures my essence better than writing. Also, the feedback and support I received was overwhelming.

Maybe my friends were just being nice? Maybe I’m not as funny, motivating, and positive as they praise me to be?

Who will ever really know?

All I know is that I enjoy making videos more than I write. I believe that video shows more of my character and identity — which I believe sets me apart from everyone else.

So it’s time to take a break from writing and focus on videos.

The relationship I have with writing isn’t over; its priority has just been lowered.

I will be back sooner or later.

But for now, check out unclepedped on Instagram.