Please Embrace My Gift To The World — Realness

If Guinness World Records had the ability to determine who keeps it real the best, I am convinced that honorable distinction would belong to me.

The reasoning behind my optimistic prediction is quite simple. Not only do I keep it 100 with anybody and everybody I encounter, I believe I have a shit ton of practical, relatable life experience, and my heart is also made of gold.

When your heart is golden, it is in your nature to make decisions based on compassion, empathy, and good intentions. In a money, power, and respect driven world, kind-hearted, real cool people are harder to spot than those damn rare Pokémons.

After spending decades of my life performing research and development on how to become a better person, I found that authenticity ranked near the top amongst noble traits. I figured if I have something worth sharing that could add tremendous value to the world, why not take action?

That is why I am here, sharing this gift with y’all.

How I Acquired It

Arriving at my keeping it real the best conclusion was not by accident or fluke. My heart of gold was created and moulded by my caring family. They showed me the meaning of unconditional love. Without them, I would be nothing.

My willingness and ability to keep it 100 comes from observing and adapting from each and every single one of y’all.

You see, life is my teacher. I’ve been in the trenches, f*cked myself over in a multitude of ways and still managed to stick around.

During my dark days, I noticed the genuine, authentic, and sincere people were the most pleasurable to be around — they were the difference makers. I also noticed that fake did not have a very long shelf life.

With that being said, my objectives in life are to connect with others, provide undeniable value, sustain such lifestyle until I grow old and become worm food, and leave a lasting legacy. What better way to do these things than to embody exactly what I want to see in the world?

Why I’m Offering It

I am a giving person and I feel that authenticity is a quality I possess more of than everybody else. I simply wanted to share the importance and significance it had in my life. Maybe it’ll have the same effect for you.

I hope people get inspired by this article. I hope people start recognizing that we’re (as a collective society) getting in our own way by being delusional and not completely honest with ourselves.

To be brutally real and honest, I feel our world is headed down the shitter. It is only our responsibility to save ourselves from ourselves. I also feel as though the majority of us haven’t even began to take the first steps yet.

And the first step to finding a solution for any problem is to acknowledge that a problem exists. In order to acknowledge a problem exists, one must be completely real with one’s self.

“You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge.”
- Dr. Phil

The Choice Is Yours

If you’ve read this far down the article, I thank you for hearing me out.

Everything I’ve laid out is 100% truth. Everything I publish in the future will be 100% truth.

Hopefully, my words and my offering resonated with you. My intentions are pure, my wisdom and knowledge are ever-growing, and I just want to do my part in this world.

If they didn’t, there are a ton of other alternatives for you to consume.

Whichever way the cookie crumbles, I will be fine with.

Because I’m real like that!