Reminder to self: Quit being a lil bitch

Yo, I got it too easy and too I’m too comfortable.

I’m freeloading off family and friends. There’s no urgency in my game and I’m being too lazy.

There’s no excuse valid enough to explain why I’ve been unemployed for so long. Why don’t I go do anything? Why am I too proud? Why am I making excuses? I need to go back to basics. Gotta start flippin burgers again and cleaning toilets again. Enough is enough.

I’m not too good for anything. I’m not above anyone. I gotta keep it real. I gotta do what I gotta do to be a man.

If I ever plan on ever walking the walk, I gotta step my game up. I need to show that I’m not just talking the talk.

And it starts now.

Take this writing as my pledge of dedication to changing my ways.


Authentic leadership!

I am accountable and for my actions. And if I want to preach about personal development, I should be doing whatever it takes to personally develop myself, as well.

Nobody wants to hear a hypocrite speak. People trust people that keep their word.

Which is me. Because my writing holds me accountable.

And I’m accountable to you. And my parents. And the world. And everything in it.

Because I am in service to you.

And this is the beginning of a new story. Written by me.

Richard Mach

Wish me luck!