Thank YOU for a Life Changing Year

If you were to ask me or any of my more truthfully-inclined friends about my astronomical risk tolerance, we would all tell you the same thing — that I have some serious balls (figuratively speaking, of course lol).

I ain’t afraid of much. Not anymore, at least.

I don’t shy away from confrontation and I am more than willing to fight for what I believe in.

I am also extremely passionate about poker, all-in on the endeavors I choose to pursue and I am definitely no stranger to danger.

But please, don’t get it twisted. Don’t let all my bombast and bravado fool you into thinking I’m some kind of meat-headed egotistical punk ass bitch.

I’m quite the opposite, actually.

One of my personal mantras is to be solid AF in every possible way. I always try to put my best foot forward, but honestly, I realize that without y’all, I’d be less than half the man I am now.

You keep me grounded and legit.

I must give credit where credit is due and I must thank you for helping me become who I am and for making 2016 a pivotal period in my existence.

You see, life has always been, and will forever remain my favorite teacher. I learn most effectively when I’m watching and learning from either my own or other peoples’ actions.

With that being said, I must thank you for knowing your role and doing your part in our universe.

Without your contributions, my world wouldn’t have shaped up to be what it is today — something I’m pretty damn happy and optimistic about.

I am truly grateful and appreciative for what you may or may not have done which may or may not have involved me either directly or indirectly (sorry about the confusion lol) in your life which has altered the trajectory of mine.

We are all spiritually connected as humans. Every single one of our actions, sooner or later, will affect the quality of life for our fellow brethren.

So again, thank you for making my 2016 a focal year in my life. I promise I will do my best to repay you through my thoughts, words and actions.

From the bottom of my heart, I truly appreciate you and let’s continue to do this damn thing into 2017 and beyond!!!

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