Himalayan Salt Lamp: The Cleansing and Energizing Light


Every morning waking up with a dull and low attitude harms our entire day. The special cup of Sunday coffee get interrupted by a negative thought and the energy of the rest of your week is thrown off balance. With the energy that we come in contact with every day, it is essential to choose correctly who we surround ourselves with. It is even more important to take care of what we surround ourselves with. It might be hard to believe but each object has its own energy.

First, let’s revise the basics! An atom consists of a neutron with neutral energy around whom revolves electrons carrying negative and protons carrying a positive charge. Negative ions are the atoms where the total number of electrons are more than the protons.

Scientifically, these ions have the power of absorbing negativity and the lack of positive ions will encourage more and more attraction of positivity. The reason you feel rejuvenated after a nice and not really harmful storm is because these storms, ocean waves, and waterfall carry an abundance of negative ions. One of the oldest, most powerful and prettiest items that also serves this function is the Himalayan Salt Lamps.

The lamps are beautiful handcrafted rocks that are hollow from within. The emptiness inside is used to light up the lamp and generate heat and light. These two elements are essential as the lamp won’t spread the positive impact if it is not lit up.

There are a number of benefits associated with these lamps, some of these are listed below –

Emits Orange Light
Being a lamp is its basic job description and being a lap is what it does well. Many studies have shown that the blue light that televisions and mobile screens emit are very harmful to humans after sunset. At such a time the orange lights bring a much-needed balance and allow us to keep our visions intact for longer. Having said that, the benefits of the lamp are reaped to the maximum when it remains on 24/7 that means day and night. The question this will raise is “What about my electricity bill? Won’t it shoot up if I keep such a powerful object on at all time?” The answer to that is no, you need not worry about the bill. The power is the lamp itself, the bulb used in it is normally a 15-watt bulb and doesn’t affect your electricity bills by much even if multiple are kept on all the time.

Purifies the Air
What if we told you that you don’t need the new fangled air purifiers to breathe in air that does not harm your body? It is true! The Himalayan Salt Lamps have the power of ridding the air of cigarette smoke, pollen, dust, and many other contaminating particles from the air. It does this owing to one of its most incredible properties of hygroscopy. What this process entails is the absorption of water molecules from the air and accumulation of the same. When the heat from the lamp causes these water molecules to evaporate, they do so leaving behind on the surface of the lamp all the dust and contamination contained in it making the air as pure as any.

Fights Electromagnetic Radiation
Fight may not be the apt term to describe these lamps’ effect on EMRs, however, they do play a large part in protecting you from the same. The radiation, emitted from televisions, radios, and any such electronic gadgets have been known to induce not so positive symptoms in people surrounded by them. These radiations cause headaches, fatigue, body pain, and cancer in extreme cases. The lamps neutralize these radiations. Thus, placing them next to these appliances lowers health risks by a huge amount.

Works as an instant mood booster
These lamps, as mentioned above, help you relax at the end of a tiring day. The exudation of negative ions releases serotonin i.e. the happy neurotransmitter which makes us unwind and feel relaxed. This also means that when your mind is unable to concentrate and clouded with too many thoughts, the lamp helps it focus and helps you gather your thoughts at one place.

Static No More
Another back to school lesson! Remember the chapter on static electricity? Sure we did not think it would be a problem but the static zaps you when you least expect it, pun intended. The Himalayan Salt lamps get rid of the static electricity as well so that you can give your cat that belly-rub in peace.

Reduces Coughing, Asthma, and Allergies.
These lamps get rid of a thousand or maybe even more harmful particles in the air by hygroscopy. People who suffer from allergic reactions to certain elements benefit from this big time and the indoor air feels like a much more welcoming place to them. Similarly, those who suffer from asthma and bronchitis are helped by the lamp to not only cleanse but also improve their immune system.

The direct result of having breathable air rid of negative energies means you feel much more energized and your stamina improves greatly as well. The more productive you become the more it affects your mental health and brings in prosperity. Feeling low all the time? Get this lamp into your room and watch it work its magic.

Improves Sleep
The effects of positive ions are much more widespread than what we understand. They cause the sleepless nights or the irregular sleep patterns which rob a person of their cheerful attitude making them a cranky version of themselves. These lamps also improve your sleep and work on the quality of the same making life easier for you and those around you.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Shorter Days not unproductive anymore
The shorter days induce a different lethargy into one’s body causing us to be lazier on our best days. The bright orange light of these lamps revitalizes your bodies making it possible to beat the lazy cold Monday blues and make your mind its productive best.

Environmentally Friendly
Why not make the smart as well as a kind choice? The Himalayan salt, estimated to last for at least 350 years, will not only be a healthy but also sensible option to go for. These salts being a part of nature give you the most natural benefits and work on your health in the most harmless way possible.

Consider the size of the rooms you want to place the lamp in and buy a reasonable size accordingly. The lamp will work exceeding your expectations and give you a cleaner, better, and healthier surrounding.