Best Hatha Yoga Teachers in Rishikesh, India

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There is no dearth of hatha yoga teachers in Rishikesh since it is the birthplace of yoga but some have distinguished themselves through experience and sheer hard work. Today, we are sharing names of yoga trainers in Rishikesh who practice Hatha yoga authentic and help people align fitness, spirituality and overall well-being.

Here are the best hatha yoga teachers in Rishikesh associated with Ekattva and many other yoga teacher training & spiritual ventures:

Ravi Bisht

Hatha yoga teacher with vast experience (around 15 years), he has a Masters degree in Yoga from the Uttarakhand Sanskrit University in Haridwar. The yogi has mastered the art of hatha yogic and during a span of more than 12 years has taught students not only in yoga teacher training institutions, Rishikesh but also abroad.

Kalpendra Chauhan

Kalpender Ji has obtained a degree in Yogic Sciences from Masters degree from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University, Haridwar. Counted amongst the best Hatha yoga teachers in Rishikesh, India, he mastered meditation, philosophy and psychology of Yoga-Vedanta during his illustrious career as yoga teacher and trainer.

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Dr. G. K. Rastogi

A professional Ayurveda Doctor with expertise in Panceeehakarma, rejuvenation treatment, and Ayurveda therapy, Mr. Rastogi has been associated with yoga and healing for the past 8 years. At present, he is associated as a Scholar with Ekattva Yogshala, and teaches young students the true meaning of Ayurveda.

Siddhartha Veer

Siddhartha Veer has been teaching yoga for more than 4 years now. He has Masters Degree in Yoga from the Uttarakhand Sanskrit University in Haridwar. Siddhartha has unmatched passion for yoga which reflects in his interactions with yoga students and aspirants. This makes him one of the best yoga teachers in Rishikesh, India.

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Rajesh Rawat

Rajesh Rawat has been teaching yoga to students from across the world for many years now. He has become respected name in yoga trainer community of Rishikesh India by mastering Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, and Vinyasa Flow in a very short span of time. A clear sign of a top rated yoga instructor.

Rishikesh is the birthplace of yoga and an all-time favourite destination of yoga enthusiasts across the world. Do you plan on completing your 200 hours yoga teacher training? Email us at to learn about best yoga teacher training institutes in Rishikesh.