30 Days writing challenge Day 7: Where the hell is my time ?

  • Being out of focus, I use 4 hours to complete a 1 hour task… And I’ve seen 3 kitten videos, have my recipe for lunch, and a list of 20 more ebooks to read ! The result : frustration, stress…
  • Energy : If I’m out of energy, I will make a bad use of my time ; and feel bad. I will, so, have the impression I must move mountains to feel good. But with a good night of sleep, good exercise, my work can sometimes be done on a very short period of time ; and I can, then, relax my ass off… The result : satisfaction, calm, a real contribution to the world.
  • I don’t talk about religions at all ; maybe there are a mix of Buddhist, Catholic, Muslim, Judaic religion (and others, no offense) in what I will say : I’m not against or pro religion ; it’s just not my life.
  • When I talk about spirituality, I talk about our spirit ; this intangible part of us that seem to guide everything, seems to be the only thing that exists when you really look at it. Beyond words, beyond explanation, beyond image and sound ; spirituality link us to ourselves and to the world.
  • Developing gratitude ; by writing 10 thanks a day in a journal, but more, trying to develop this feeling of gratitude daily
  • Developing auto compassion : stop beating yourself when you’re not completely successful, when you do something wrong ; if you suffer, be kind with yourself. It supposes to watch at your thoughts with a calm mind.
  • The next step being to develop compassion : Spread this compassion to other
  • Meditate (or maybe pray, never did so I can’t really talk about it) : You see everything in your body, with equanimity ; pain or bliss ; doesn’t matter, it’s a sensation that you can see. observing your body is also the best way to kow yourself very deeply.
  • Develop emotional intelligence : As you experiment emotions, you try to name and understand it ; try to be very precise about it. You can also read about it, it’s a vast field of knowledge.



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French writer/ musician/ teacher making life experiments.