Every hero is a victim first
Steve Bryant

A well written article. However, I (being female) feel you’ve left out at least half of it. Heroines can and do struggle as well. Just one example: The Black Widow was raised in a Russian spy compound where she was sterilized at her graduation and then made a name for herself for the bad guys, but when Hawkeye was sent to assassinate her he saw good in her and she became an agent of SHIELD and an Avenger.

I do think what’s considered trauma and the path of healing and overcoming is far too out of touch. I say that as someone who’s experienced incest, torture, brainwashing, priest molestation, date rape, abusive relationships, physical disability, mental health issues and homelessness. Too often we hear hero stories that follow the way of the wounded warrior, but not everyday hero and heroine stories.

There are numerous untold accounts of overcoming child abuse or child homelessness or child immigrants or children with one parent in prison or child hunger, and many more circumstances. Our superhero applause is as much for the overcoming as it is defeating the villain. At least mine is.

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