The Art and Science of Open-Mindedness
Mike Sturm

I think that, with all things, balance is still required when it comes to being open-minded. The things you suggest can certainly help stir up creative juices and point out to us where (not if) we have confirmation bias. As a human being living a life, however, one needs to understand the connection between our beliefs and how they shape our identity, rather than keeping them discrete.

“There’s a clear danger when who you are comes from what you believe,” may be true when trying to create something new in our working lives, but I believe the opposite when it comes to being human. It’s my beliefs about who I am that shape my entire experience. If I believe (as I do) that all things originated from the one thing (just not which one thing) that most religions and scientists agree existed before our “big bang,” then I can conclude that I am connected with all things. If I believe (as I do) that the one thing that existed was Divine in nature, then it follows that everything that emerged from it is Divine, including myself.

If I believe that everything and everyone is Divine, I can choose to see that Divinity and respond to it from my own, rather than (for example) hearing a person’s words and reacting to them. The more I stay in touch with the beliefs that shape who I am (and keep an open mind to new information), the more likely I am to respond rather than react; feel rather than just think; act rather than just allow ugly things to keep happening.

I realize that’s a bit off the beaten path of where you were going and why, but felt called to respond.

Love and Blessings Always,

~Annie Stith

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