Research project — The current state of ICO marketing

Ever since I started offering consultancy services it became clear to me that ICOs have a difficult time building awareness about their project, not only because of the difficult competition in the space, but also because of various advertising limitations connected to blockchain, ICOs, and cryptocurrency.

The current state of knowledge regarding the marketing challenges for ICOs and blockchain-based business is comparable to diving into the ocean with no oxygen mask, nor swimming goggles.

“How did the ICO end up there? I thought we were going for the moon” Photo by David Kovalenko on Unsplash

It’s foggy to say the least.

Which is why I have undertaken this initiative to generate a report based on information presented by ICOs such as yourself. If this open letter has found itself in front of your eyes, and you are involved in any way with an ICO, please pay close attention to the next paragraph.

Presenting this following thesis “ICO marketing works exactly the same as traditional digital marketing” to which you might say it is very different, or agree completely.

But how do the rest of the ICO marketing teams feel about it?

To provide this information I need your help. You are in the best position to do so because you are involved with your ICO.

Below you will find a link to a Google Form, that poses a few simple, but important questions, and based on your response I will generate a valuable report on the state of ICO marketing on the 20th of August.

See you there,

Zoran S.