5 Signs That You’re a Natural Born Salesperson


Some people have to work hard to become great at sales, and to others it just seems to come naturally. It’s a common misconception that you’re either born to be a salesperson or you’re not, since most tactics that successful salespeople employ can be be taught (check out our enormous blog section for more on that).

But some people truly do possess the unique mix of traits that make them a perfect fit for sales. Spiro will help you become a better salesperson and make more money, but these signs will tell you whether or not you’re a natural born salesperson.

1. You’re naturally optimistic

Success in sales oftentimes means overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds, and the only type of people able to do that are those who are optimists by nature. If you don’t believe that tomorrow is going to be even better than today, sales probably isn’t a good fit for you. If you’re always looking at the bright side of every situation, you have one of the traits of a natural salesperson.

2. You don’t take “no” for an answer

It takes a special type of person to keep pushing through after someone tells them “no.” All of the best salespeople see “no” as just a starting point for when the actual selling happens, so anyone who’s overly sensitive to rejection won’t make a great natural salesperson. If you spent your childhood successfully overcoming your teacher’s objections, maybe sales is right for you.

3. You’re very competitive

If you don’t thrive on competition, you’re not a natural salesperson. Not only are you competing against others in your market, you’re also competing against your coworkers for the chance to be at the top of the board. Many former athletes end up in sales for that very reason. Sales allows you to thrive in a competitive environment, and if you need that feeling in your life, sales is it.

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4. You’re motivated by money

Natural-born salespeople are very clearly motivated by making money. To put it bluntly: if you don’t want to make as much money as you possibly can, you definitely shouldn’t be working in sales. Spiro was created to help salespeople make more money, because that’s why we’re all in this business. People born to sell have a natural inclination to aggressively pursue their money goals.

5. You can understand people’s motivations

This is one of the hardest skills to learn, and those to whom it comes naturally have the most valuable skill that you need to be a successful salesperson. If you can determine what is the driving force behind someone’s behavior while you’re talking to them, you’ll know what it will take to convince them to close the deal. This is why the best salespeople spend their time listening rather than talking. If you’ve always naturally been able to sense the motivations of others, and been great at reading people, you’re truly a natural born salesperson.

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