What Type of Salesperson are You? (10 Options)

Salespeople come in all shapes and sizes. The general public usually has an image in mind when asked about a typical salesperson, but the profession is one of the most diverse there is, mostly because of its sheer size (According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 13 million salespeople in the United States).

However, if you work in sales long enough you’ll realize that most salespeople fall into one of several categories. Which type of salesperson are you and your co-workers? Check out the ten most common types below and let us know, and if you want a free personal sales assistant that also has unique personalities that you can choose from to help you make more money, make sure you try out Spiro!

1. The Young Maniac

This energetic salesperson is typically in their first few years of sales, and is new to having large amounts of cash in his or her pockets. They work hard, but they play even harder. Nightclubs, shopping sprees, cars, and a fast-paced lifestyle keep this type of salesperson working hard to keep up with their expenses. They usually calm down after their lifestyle (and thousands of energy drinks) catches up to them.

2. The Flashy Boaster

The Flashy Boaster is the loud-talking, cocky salesperson that always tries to one-up their co-workers, no matter what the conversation is about. If the Flashy Boaster closes a deal, you better believe the entire office will hear about how big it is, how much money it’s going to make, and how much skill it took to get it done. This type of salesperson can be difficult to work with at times, but sort of comes with the territory of a job in sales.

3. The Silent but Deadly

This type salesperson isn’t very common, but is a huge asset to any sales organization. They don’t brag, they don’t complain, they really don’t say much at all, but they are consistent and they tend to close a lot of business. It’s usually surprising to see this salesperson beating everyone on the board because they don’t seem like they’re interested in talking to people, let alone selling them something. But once you see how consistent and hard-working this salesperson is, you won’t be surprised anymore.

4. The Constant Complainer

Probably the worst type of salesperson to have in any organization is the Constant Complainer, who is usually a person that doesn’t even want to work in sales. This type of salesperson will tell you what’s wrong with the leads, with the comp plan, with the product, with the boss, with the K-Cup selection in the break room, and spends their time doing everything except trying to close deals. Stay away from this type of salesperson, they aren’t long for the sales life.

5. The Steady Grinder

This is probably the most common type of salesperson. This salesperson isn’t great, but he (or she) isn’t bad either. This salesperson puts in effort, but not too much. This salesperson’s numbers are just good enough to fly under the radar, and just good enough to hit bonus. Every organization needs salespeople like this to keep steady business coming in the door, and they usually don’t have to worry about them leaving for greener pastures because the steady grinder stays and grinds out a living.

6. The Organized Originator

The most striking thing about this type of salesperson is how clean their desk is. They’re highly organized, both in their appearance and in their approach to sales. Their calendar is always updated accurately, and their entire day is planned out well in advance. These salespeople tend to be very successful, because they’re so methodical in what they do. They also probably suffer from some degree of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

7. The Grizzled Veteran

These salespeople tend to be the best ones to talk to since they can tell you incredible stories about how things “used to be.” These old dogs might not be the best closers on the floor, but everyone shows them respect because they’ve put in the years to earn it. Grizzled Veterans might complain a bit, but they never get involved in serious office gossip, they’ll just crack a joke or make a sly comment and move on. They love talking to their customers for a really long time, telling stories and getting sidetracked constantly, because that’s the best part of their day.

8. The Magician

Another rare but valuable type of salesperson, the Magician seems to conjure up deals out of thin air. A magician sees opportunities where most other salespeople see none, and will go the extra mile to close a deal. For example, if a magician was a real estate salesperson who knew that he or she could only sell a house if it was painted a certain color, the house would be painted within a matter of days without the slightest hesitation, even if the magician had to be out there at night on a ladder.

9. The Granola-head

The Granola-head can be identified by their propensity for quoting motivational speakers, and their obsession with “energy,” both positive and negative. This type of salesperson will talk for hours about reading The Secret, and how if you can just conjure success in your head, it will manifest itself in real life. Sometimes Granola-heads can be quite successful in sales, but since they’re so bogged down in the spiritual and supernatural, they tend to be inconsistent closers.

10. The Strange One

This type of salesperson is the most enigmatic and confusing one of all. No one really knows how they got the job, and what it is that makes them tick. The Strange One typically doesn’t last too long at any one company and hops from sales job to sales job, rarely closing many deals. They also tend to interact with customers in somewhat non-traditional ways, veering off into discussions that have nothing to do with the product, and oftentimes less to do with reality. But for all of their quirkiness, the Strange One can be a great person to work with, since they add an interesting, albeit weird dynamic to the office.

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