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Thank you, dreamers

Thank you, dreamers, who dream for us, fail for us, and succeed for us.

We should be so grateful to the women and men who put everything on the line when they become startup entrepreneurs based on their vision of something special. They often start with a naïve conviction that their dreams, vision, and success will not be hindered by failures and set-backs, regardless of the personal consequences of how hard they fall or fail along the way.

We should not be jealous of people who succeed because they follow their dreams and succeed; instead, we should thank them for showing us that it is possible to make a difference. We all benefit in some way from the great things dreamers dream and create.

Whatever I tried in my life — and just to make it clear here, I had more set-backs, painful failures and serious doubts than I care to mention or remember — was directly or indirectly inspired by those dreamers whom I saw as a source of inspiration that maybe I can do and achieve what they did too. I was too immature or too young to see that what I admired in those inspiring entrepreneurs or doers were foremost and mainly that they were great dreamers.

The entrepreneurial dreamers I am talking about can inspire their people — without them no dream can fulfill its potential — to follow their dreams and more importantly help the dreams to come to live. I am not talking about leadership, but about the fuel that make those entrepreneurial people want to make a difference and change the status quo against all odds.

All entrepreneurs should talk about their dreams and journey regardless of their success to inspire others also to live their dreams. It is not enough that we live our dreams; it is our responsibility to try to inspire others, and more importantly, help others to try to fulfill their dreams and visions. In the process we will help those inspired dreamers better deal with failures and setbacks and increase their likelihood of fulfilling their dreams, in which we all can then magically partake.

I always remind myself and tell anyone who listens that failure and set-backs is the price we must pay to succeed. There is always a price to pay, such as our time, commitment or personal sacrifices. The question is do we want something so badly that we are willing to pay for it?

If we cannot or do not want to pay the price to live our dream, then remember we must try to help others to succeed with their dream. Then we will become part of their dream that came to life because we did our part to create magic out of a thought that started so small.

I believe with all my heart that it is a dream worth dreaming.

Spiros Margaris




#VC @CoreLedger @SparkLabsGlobal @natechsa @ai_mediastalker @GenTwoAG @HeradoHQ | №1 #Fintech Influencer @Refinitiv & @Onalytica | #AI @TEDx

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Spiros Margaris

Spiros Margaris

#VC @CoreLedger @SparkLabsGlobal @natechsa @ai_mediastalker @GenTwoAG @HeradoHQ | №1 #Fintech Influencer @Refinitiv & @Onalytica | #AI @TEDx

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