The Mighty Rippling Effect.

Splash Coworking
Jul 2, 2018 · 3 min read

Her words echo, her laugh can still be felt but her mark is forever found now in the streets of San Marcos, Texas down Splash Alley. Naveen Shakil native to Pakistan and based in Brooklyn, NY, her visit to San Marcos was seeded late Summer 2017. The power of relationships yet again proving the value of the human connection. CraftHustler reached out to Splash Coworking from a simple conversation started by The UnIncubator in how we might be interested in collaborating on a project. This is the essence of #coworking , the unplanned purposeful connection embodied by being exactly where you are suppose to be.

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Day 1

Fast forward, over 50 emails, phone calls, one 45 minute tour of San Marcos and persistence, Naveen landed on Texas soil in the boiling summer. The design was developed and accepted by Splash and the City of San Marcos Mural Program, ready to be shared with the public. As stated in Naveen’s post unavailing thoughts , “ it is said that 3 things purify you: sweat, tears and water”. With 100 degree weather the first purification was easily accomplished, tears would be shared in joy and the bitter-sweetness of completing the project which easily swelled from the eyes of our Splash team and Splashers (coworking members) and again when Naveen departed. The third, our precious San Marcos River would easily provide this and be the blessing during the heat of the day to dive into refresh and start painting again. She (The River) would also serve as a guide in expressing to Naveen the heart of the city, the river and love that runs through each loyal San Marcos citizen’s veins. She would also share with Naveen the triumphs and lessons the community has also faced, with floods, growth and preservation.

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Splash developed from a need of connection, a place to evolve and an environment to learn from the community which fills San Marcos. The effects of Splash’s members is the ripple we each create in a pool of creativity and purpose. Having the opportunity to collaborate with Naveen on this mural with open arms to her vision and interpretation of San Marcos continues to ripple out as we begin the following week after she concluded her work on the mural.

Titled “A Mighty Heart”, the impression the river left, the spirit of the community can be seen when walking down #SplashAlley, as the stillness in an ever flowing spring fed river is captured in brushstrokes and the lasting impression Splash is so honored to now house. As our Splashers get back to the daily grind of creating the next big start-up or collaborate on a project with their creative skills or tech know how, we each have a chance to escape under the sun outside, drinking a cold brew from Cafe Azteca listening to tunes from PoolBoi Blu and gaze into a piece of Naveen’s mighty heart she left in San Marcos.

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