Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

Estimated $200, ended up ordering new furniture (expected expense) so blew that estimate out of the water:

Friday, after buying two club chairs, two night stands, a small end table, and a new lampshade ($1920), boyfriend and I went to the final outdoor movie of the season. I made us sandwiches instead of buying them and they were so much more delicious.

Saturday, got iced coffee ($2) and met with a closet designer to get a quote for renovating my closet. Had lunch with some friends and their toddler ($13) and then made a Home Depot stop for paint samples and a new toilet seat ($71). Went to Trader Joe’s for pizza-making supplies for dinner ($15) and watched Sisters (I had to apologize to boyfriend afterwards it was so bad).

Sunday, got iced coffee ($2), headed to a meeting for a failing yoga studio (free except for sadness), made another trip to Home Depot for shelf-making supplies ($82, and I get to make another trip tonight because I didn’t get the right screws), and bought two ibooks after finishing the new Liane Moriarty ($29). Had dinner at the local steak house ($20).

$2154 total, but $234 for non-furniture related expenses, so my estimate was right in there :)

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