Monday Check-In
Megan Reynolds

Had the goal of keeping things under $200. Let’s see what happened:

Friday: went out with boyfriend and his coworkers to a concert ($100 for the cash-only bar because no one else bought cash; ticket was boyfriend’s treat).

Saturday: Coached 6 hours of yoga workshops. Picked up dinner ($28) and collapsed.

Sunday: Coached another 6 hours of yoga workshops. Picked up a croissant and giant tea on the way in ($7), some kombucha and Pellegrino to fuel through ($9). Went grocery shopping after ($90) to make soups for the weeks ahead (it rained this weekend — yay! — but is now 70 degrees). Also had to fill up gas ($51).

Total: $285 total (although the cash came from my ‘fun money’ account for the fun little things that come up that I don’t want to specifically budget for, so mentally I only spent $185.).

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