Monday Check-In!
Meghan Nesmith

Meghan, I know those fashion splurge feels! I am the same way — weeks and weeks of no spending, then a huge spree.

I estimated a low-spend weekend around $100 in anticipation of closing on a condo and my Costa Rica vacation next week and….did not hit that mark.

Friday, I got my favorite lunch (sandwich and a giant Pellegrino, which satisfyingly costs exactly $12.00). My yoga paycheck hit my account (+$157). I also paid for the mold inspection for the condo ($592, worth every penny), which is what destroyed my low-spend weekend.

Saturday, I had a private SUP yoga session (+$35) and met boyfriend for brunch ($20). I also sold my daybed to a friend (+$100).

Sunday, I taught SUP yoga again and have the crazy sore shoulders to prove it (+$40) and then brunch with the boyfriend again ($15). Also snuck a quick grocery store visit in for GoT goodies ($24).

Spent $663, but made $333 for a net spend of $330.

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