Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

Moving weekend! I was a bit frazzled (I kept losing my cell phone), but everything that absolutely needed to get done got done and I had some fun to boot.

Friday I spent $13 on lunch (left my cell on the counter, someone turned it in) and $0 on movers (it was boyfriend’s moving gift to me, literally the best gift I’ve ever received) and $15 on sandwiches for outdoor movie.

Saturday, I spent $81 at Home Depot (toilet seat, toilet brush, cleaning supplies) and spent the rest of the day unpacking and listening to podcasts.

Sunday, I spent $45 on my housekeeper to clean the old apartment, $2 on iced coffee (left my cell phone at the cream and sugar station), $16 on gas for boyfriend’s vintage truck since he let me use it to transport my paddleboards, $6 on a smoothie, $16 on a much-needed car wash, and $13 for dinner.

No official estimate and I spent $207.