Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

Trying to keep weekend spending under $200 during the holidays. Failed happily:

Friday, ordered flowers for my mum’s last day before retirement, which is today ($75)! I grabbed a beer ($7) while waiting for boyfriend for dinner after teaching yoga ($25).

Saturday, bought some gifts for a first birthday party ($40 worth of bubble bath for the mama) and a moving party ($40 Trader Joe’s gift card for road trip sustenance) and myself ($60 to replace the bracelet I lost on Thursday). Made a Trader Joe’s run for tonight’s friendsgiving ($58)

Sunday, brunch with boyfriend ($15). Filled up the gas tank ($56). Refilled a prescription ($91). Taught yoga in the evening and then enjoyed the rain, SNL, and leftovers with the boyfriend.

Ended up with $467 (less the $110 I made teaching yoga), but I got a lot done. Whoops!

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