Spokkz and Zilliqa — Brainstorming Meeting

Jun 18, 2018 · Unlisted

Singapore, 14 June 2018: The heads of Spokkz (Website: www.spokkz.com, Telegram: https://t.me/SpokkzOfficial) and Zilliqa (www.zilliqa.com) met at the Spokkz office to discuss specifics of their collaboration. Technical leads from both organizations presented overviews of their architecture and senior management from both sides also discussed collaboration models on the business front. Attendees from Zilliqa present at the meeting were Xinshu Dong, CEO, Amrit Kumar, Head of Research, Juzar Motiwalla, Chairman and En Hui Ong, Head of Business Development.

Spokkz technical leads, Daniel Muller and Srihari Y. presented first with an in-depth overview of Spuul’s (Spokkz’s parent company) architecture. Both Spokkz and Spuul currently make effective use of the popular Amazon Web Services framework. To enhance Spokkz’s service offerings, they envision transferring some of their existing business solutions to the blockchain.

Zilliqa’s head of research, Amrit Kumar, presented next with a technical overview of their innovative, highly scalable, blockchain platform. According to Kumar, high throughput is achieved in Zilliqa via the effective use of sharding among other techniques, which is orchestrated by a Directory Service committee which delegates computational responsibility to the respective shard node cluster. Essentially, the more nodes there are in the Zilliqa network, the more efficient the system becomes.

After the technical presentations, both teams discussed how the blockchain could further enhance Spuul’s services. Two potential possibilities are to use Zilliqa’s blockchain platform to aid with crowdfunding efforts for content production and also for Spuul’s loyalty program. Both teams then discussed timelines for synchronisation of milestones.

Following the discussion, both teams had a short networking session at the Spokkz office and engaged in a quick game of foosball. We look forward to an exciting and productive collaboration!

Stay tuned for more news of the Spokkz and Zilliqa collaboration by visiting the following links:

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Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/Spokkz
Medium: https://medium.com/@SpokkzOfficial
Telegram: https://t.me/SpokkzOfficial
Spokkz White Paper: https://spokkz.com/static/documents/whitepaper.pdf
Spokkz Whitelist: https://spuul.us11.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=87bb608900441d7994804719a&id=7647823f3f



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