Proteas to receive 45 load shedding-free days as World Cup victory bonus.

In an unprecedented move, CSA and Eskom have partnered to offer the Proteas a worthwile reward should they return with the Cricket World Cup trophy to SA shores. Each member of the squad will receive a guaranteed 45 days throughout 2015 without any loadshedding whatsoever.

After match fees, sponsorships from Lays and Castle, and the lucrative IPL making all players millionaires in a few weeks, the thought of another monetary reward seemed outdated according to CSA Chief Executive, Haroon Lorgat.

“This is probably the last and only chance the Proteas have to win the World Cup. And to make sure there’s absolutely no chance of them screwing up, we gave them the best incentive ever. Something that no SA citizen has the luxury of owning. 45 days guaranteed electricity.”

A representative from Eskom has stated that the parastatal is elated to be offering this unique reward to the cricketers, but did emphasize that it will only and strictly only apply to players who have taken to the field during the tournament. He points to the fact that extending the same courtesy to one more person like the the coach or physiotherapist could plunge SA into darkness.

This incentive now gives the beloved Proteas every reason not to lose another one. Should they win, not only will it be their first trophy, but the first victory not seen by anyone with a TV in South Africa.

Disclaimer: Spoofersport is a satire sports blog. If you take anything serious on here, we’re not sure how we can help you.

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