Benghazi Lawsuit Against Hillary Clinton is BULLS**T!

A selfish, misguided, emotionally-fueled, personal vendetta against a manufactured enemy.

HEADLINE: “Parents of Americans killed in Benghazi sue Hillary Clinton" (BBC)


Parents of Sean Smith, an American killed in the Benghazi attack, sue Hillary Clinton...REALLY???

This is a selfish, misguided, emotionally-fueled, personal vendetta against a manufactured enemy conveniently represented by Hillary Clinton. Ambassador Chris Stevens was a very professional and dedicated diplomat. As the State Department representative assigned to a very large region that included Benghazi, AMBASSADOR STEVENS was the one who made the decision to travel to that outpost! He understood the risks and dangers, BUT HE VERY COURAGEOUSLY AND PROFESSIONALLY ACCEPTED THE AWESOME RESPONSIBILITY OF THOSE RISKS IN ORDER TO EFFECTIVELY DO HIS JOB AND ATTEMPT TO CONNECT WITH THE LIBYAN INDIGENOUS POPULATION.

There is ZERO evidence of any communication between the State Department and Clinton regarding Steven's trip. In other words, the State Department servers showed no emails to Clinton about Steven's trip to Benghazi. Even if Clinton's server had been hacked, it would not have contained information regarding Steven's trip.

It is also freaking ludicrous to suggest that China, or Russia, or North Korea, Iran, etc, would contact LOCAL Benghazi Islamic militants and provide them with information derived from what would have been a highly classified and compartmentalized “hacking” effort by any of those countries.

There are other things that I also find very curious, things that those of us with experience understand concerning how information transmitted to and from foreign locations SHOULD be handled by US government employees.

— Patricia Smith's claims that her son, Sean Smith, called her and told her that he was going to die because there was allegedly no security "at the embassy" seems to suggest that her son gave out HIGHLY sensitive information over an unsecure international phone line to someone who was NOT authorized to receive it.

— Sean Smith was a member of the diplomatic corps. He would never have referred to the TEMPORARY MISSION at Benghazi as an “embassy”. It was NOT an embassy. It was a satellite outpost.

— Sean Smith had been in Benghazi for a week before the attack, and would likely not have known about the current security posture at the actual embassy in Tripoli on that fateful day.

— All security had NOT been pulled from the Benghazi mission. In fact, in addition to the three security personnel who were stationed there when Smith arrived, Ambassador Stevens brought along two additional guards. And the CIA outpost less than 2 miles from the temporary compound.

— And there was NO need to “hack” into Clinton’s server (WHICH WAS NOT PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE UNTIL AFTER SHE'D LEFT THE STATE DEPARTMENT) to know what Ambassador Stevens was up to. In accordance with protocol, Stevens had notified the Libyan government, as well as local Benghazi security forces, of his itinerary in Benghazi, some of which had been covered by the local media there. IT WAS NOT SOME KIND OF TOP SECRET OPERATION!

Here's the deal...Sean Smith CHOSE his profession. Regardless of his actual job title, he represented US state department in a diplomatic capacity as well. As a former United States Airman, he KNEW what the hell he was getting himself into as a member of a foreign service mission. And that's no different than my career as a member of the US Armed Forces. We have to, each in our own way, accept the possibility that we might face unexpected death as a result of hostile adversarial actions, or even something like mechanical failure of a government aircraft, pilot error, weather, etc. I've personally watched fellow Airborne Paratroopers die because their parachutes malfunctioned, regardless of the plethora of safeguards and checks to ensure our safety. You just never know. But WE AS GOVERNMENT SERVICE EMPLOYEES ALL ACCEPT THOSE RISKS!

I sympathize with Patricia Smith's loss of her son, but I have absolutely NO respect for her beyond that, especially considering her exhibited behavior and rhetoric influenced by Fox Fake-Ass News. My opinion... ~The Spook