BLIND HATRED: The Sanders-Weaver Effect

The close-minded hatred of Hillary Clinton

There still exists a loud, desperate fringe chorus of fanatical Bernard Sanders loyalists that is characterized by emotionally-fueled close mindedness. They enthusiastically embrace ignorance, and harbor so much unadulterated hatred in their hearts for Hillary Clinton that they blindly "endorse" Wikileaks, Vladimir Putin, Julian Assange, Donald KKKrump, and foreign efforts to manipulate the American electoral process.

Usually at this point I would say something like, "FUCK YOU!" But I won't. Why? Because this situation is way too serious and beyond the level of directed anger and rage. What they are supporting could potentially destroy our collective ability to live within the realm of 'relative' civil order. They are intentionally fomenting chaos and anarchy that would likely devolve into violent disorder. There is a word for that — SEDITION.

Let's consider this from another perspective. That small, but still vocal, group of Sanders supporters described above clearly do not realize that their psyches have been emotionally and psychologically manipulated by the longstanding conservative propaganda machine to perceive HRC as corrupt, untrustworthy, evil, while simultaneously and completely ignoring the negative, cloaked, and fraudulent negatives of campaign and candidate they apparently still religiously support. Their compartmentalized mindsets prevent them from recognizing reality. They STILL refuse to question or challenge, and are essentially complicit in all the nefarious bullshit perpetrated by so-called conservatives and Republicans (and Russia). If they were really serious about being fair and doing the right thing by the American people, they would seek to expose the improprieties and ACTUAL illegal activities of the KKKrump-Pence campaign and the entire conservative establishment, as well as be honest with themselves about the crooked nature of Sanders' campaign manager Jeff Weaver.

Any accusations/criticisms leveled against Clinton can be multiplied exponentially against Weaver. Weaver is the Kellyanne Conway of the residual Sanders progressives coalition. And even if he is not actively relevant at this time, it is dishonest, disingenuous, and reckless to deny the corruptness of Weaver, as well as those GOP curmudgeons on the proverbial right. It is also arguably treasonous to support the illegal activities of Assange and Putin.

My intent is not to slander. These are simply MY personal observations, presented, as always, to offer other perspectives for consideration in contemporary political dialogue.