Spooky Action and Orange demonstrate a revolutionary Virtual Reality experience at the French National Windsurfing Championships

360° Video from a drone, live streamed with Flying Cell Towers. Open on desktop or in the YouTube App on your phone to soar through the competition in VR.

Quiberon, France: Last week, at the National Windsurfing Championships in Quiberon, France, Spooky Action, in conjunction with global telecom giant Orange, and remote communications specialist Klas Telecom, tested Spooky Action’s latest product, Telelift. Telelift is a drone-based cell tower capable of providing 4G LTE network coverage over an expansive area for an extended duration of time.

At the event, TeleLift provided connectivity among the windsurfers and live-streamed 360-degree video from a chase drone back to VR headsets. This is a generational leap forward in how spectators can experience an event — instead of watching from the sidelines, they can now soar among the competitors.

Live-streaming 360° video at outdoor events has traditionally been impossible, requiring too much bandwidth and specialized infrastructure. Until now. With multi-day flight endurance and the industry leading Klas Voyager Small Cell, Telelift broadcasts LTE for the entire event at a fraction of the cost. This is an immersive spectator experience like never before.

As stated by Rahul Tiwari, CEO Spooky Action, “Live streaming 360-degree video from a drone like this is the stuff of science fiction. We’re excited that Telelift can make experiences like this possible.”

As part of ongoing testing, Spooky Action intends to further demonstrate how Telelift can provide seamless coverage of high-speed LTE networks at events, disaster-relief zones and throughout the developing world. For more information on future events, please email us at info@spooked.io or visit www.spookyactionrobotics.com.

About Spooky Action: Spooky Action is a Minnesota-based tech company. We build tethered drones that fly forever. Our powerful tethered UAV systems are the best in the business and serve major clients in Public Safety and Telecommunications. For more information, contact us at info@spooked.io



We build flying cell towers and watchtowers.

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Spooky Action

We build flying cell towers and watchtowers.