Are we going to create jobs that don’t really have a reason for being other than to provide humans with incomes?
Have you had the “AI talk” with your kids?
Justin Blanton

I think we’ve already been doing this for quite a while. I’m quite certain that if we got away from the thinking that people *have* to work 40+ hour weeks just because, we could make do with a lot less human work and live better lives with more time to do what we actually want to do. Just think about how few jobs actually produce something essential for humanity (production of food and electrictiy for example), or provide an essential service (imagine your garbage wouldn’t be collected any more, or doctors stop working), and how many jobs are just there to keep people busy and make money (e.g. marketing companies that exist to help companies that provide fluff make more money with their fluff, only because as a society we’ve decided that this economy is the only way we can exist).

Of course, to make any of this work, we’d have to fundamentally change our concepts of society and economy, and I hope that such a large scale shake-up, if it happens, will be a wake up call to and force us to change — because honestly, it could already be better today, never mind a future with even more automation and “intelligent” machines and AI.

I could write a lot about this and go into a 1000+ word rant, but I feel that this article about “Bullshit Jobs” says everything important in a much more concise and generally better way than I could:

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