Field is more like Hunger Games! We see different types of challenges being
thrown at the executives every now and then and just like HG, it is a survival
game that each of the Feet On Street [FOS] plays. The challenges include but are not limited to, functions like Field service, Field Sales, Field collections, Field Surveys, Field Audits, Field Verifications and many more. Traditional institutions apply a single or specific function to FOS and hence only one app is used by the executive, reducing the complexities. But with the aforementioned challenges organizations have started using separate applications, one each for every…

“In God we trust. All others must bring data.” -Edward Deming

Data is the fuel that runs you and your business. It helps you decide what the right activities are and how to do them right. Data gets captured before, during, and after those activities. Those who have the right data at their fingertips win.

If you run a power distribution company, accurate power consumption data of each consumer is critical for billing purposes. Collecting this data manually is very error-prone. I, personally, had received a home power bill that is 10–100 times that of the usual bill, several times…

The World economy runs on only one oil — Money! Businesses have vendors and clients to whom they always have an “I Owe You”. Where there is money, challenges mount like Everest! Collections management can be quite a daunting task if not aided by the right set of tools to aid agents. L&T Finance as any other company in the space was fraught with defaults, visibility to money coming into the organisation and a complete disarray on collections mgmt.

About L & T Finance:

Mobile technology has become a second skin to everyone. Work place is even more empowered with mobile applications that help organizations with real-time visibility to activity and their staff. According to the Technology Services Industry Association’s (TSIA) Field Services Technology discipline, 77% of field service organizations have already implemented mobile tools into their workforce, and nearly 70% have improved their workforce productivity by deploying similar tools. Lets call the facts, if you’re not considering a field service solution with a mobile component, you’re already far behind your closest competitor!

Today’s mobile devices equipped with a strong service management app and…

Spoors Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

ALL-IN-ONE ENTERPRISE ACTIVITY & WORKFLOW MANAGEMENT SOLUTION. Anywhere, Anytime, Any Activity… Work Seamlessly both Online & Offline.

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