The new chinese history of Milanese football

by M. Pighizzini | If we talk about soccer, Milan is now a chinese city. After the Zhang Jindong’s acquisition of Inter Milan, today has been the Li Yonghon’s day, closing and ending the negotiations to buy AC Milan. On Saturday, April 14th, the first Milan’s “chinese” football derby will take place: Inter will play against A.C. Milan, and the only italian property will be the location, the epic San Siro Stadium. With a new chinese owner for both teams, a creative marketing mind would expect teams-coloured pagodas around the stadium, asian food provided in bars and chinese lanterns hanging everywhere. If built for once, that would be a cool unusual set, but the reality is that so far, the only chinese effect is the time scheduled for the match: noon, more helpful for asian fans and their plans for the evening.

Now, what’s going to happen? A message is clear: the good times of the italian Serie A are over, and at the moment there are no new champions to replace the previous icons. In Milan, this is known by both Li Yonghong and Zhang Jindong: their goal is to write a new history, because the previous one is over and won’t return. For sure, they will bring back money to Milan’s teams: what is not sure, is if the glory will come back with them. On saturday, we will see if this new history will start well or not.