The top 25 Football players of all time

Tom Brady is the best quarterback. Jerry Rice is the best receiver. Jim Brown is the best running back. Deion Sanders is the fastest. Emmitt Smith is the strongest. But who is the single best football player of all time? My list ranks people in terms of dominance, influence, leadership, longevity, and sheer skill. I hope you enjoy!

  1. Jerry Rice, Wide Receiver, San Francisco 49'ers, 1985–2004
  2. Lawrence Taylor, Linebacker, New York Giants, 1981–1983
  3. Jim Brown, Running Back, Cleveland Browns, 1957–1965
  4. Tom Brady, Quarterback, New England Patriots, 2000–Present
  5. Reggie White, Defensive End, Green Bay Packers, 1985–2000
  6. Joe Montana, Quarterback, San Francisco 49'ers, 1979–1994
  7. “Mean” Joe Greene, Defensive Tackle, Pittsburgh Steelers, 1969–1981
  8. “Night Train” Lane, Corner back, Detroit Lions, 1952–1965
  9. Peyton Manning, Quarterback, Indianapolis Colts, 1998–2016
  10. Dick Butkus, Linebacker, Chicago Bears, 1965–1973
  11. Johnny Unitas, Quarterback, Baltimore Colts, 1956–1973
  12. Ronnie Lott, Strong Safety, Kansas City Chiefs, 1981–1995
  13. Walter Payton, Running Back, Chicago Bears, 1975–1987
  14. Don Hutson, Wide Receiver, Green Bay Packers, 1935–1946
  15. Anthony Munoz, Offensive Tackle, Cincinnati Bengals, 1980–1992
  16. Otto Graham, Quarterback, Cleveland Browns, 1946–1955
  17. Emmitt Smith, Running Back, Dallas Cowboys, 1990–2004
  18. Sammy Baugh, Quarterback/Corner back/Punter, Cleveland Browns, 1937–1952
  19. Deacon Jones, Defensive End, Las Angeles Rams, 1961–1974
  20. John Elway, Quarterback, Denver Broncos, 1993–1998
  21. John Hannah, Offensive Guard, New England Patriots, 1973–1985
  22. Gale Sayers, Running Back, Chicago Bears, 1965–1972
  23. Berry Sanders, Running Back, Detroit Lions, 1998–1999
  24. Ray Lewis, Linebacker, Baltimore Ravens, 1996–2012
  25. Mike Webster, Center, Pittsburgh Steelers, 1974–1990