Domestic Violence in Sports

When i was a young boy my mother and father taught me many key values that I will always remember throughout my life. These values range from making sure to look out for your family and always show respect to others, but the one thing that really stuck in my head is never and I mean never lay a hand on a woman. The idea that a man would feel the need to hit a woman is just plain disgusting to me. The sad part about this whole conflict is that many offenders of domestic violence get away with their crimes.

Domestic violence is a confrontation between two people, usually in some sort of relationship that results in one of the following things, physical abuse, sexual abuse and psychological abuse. The trauma put on by one of these things could be detrimental to the emotional state of the abused and their families. The problem is that many of the people abused don’t seek help after they get abused. This has been the case with many incidents involving athletes with many of them coming from the NFL.

The case that comes to mind right now is the one involving Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy. The twenty seven year old was found guilty of domestic violence when a charlotte cocktail waitress came forward and told police and prosecutors that hardy threatened to kill her and had put his hands around her. This would’ve been a sure fire conviction but the case was dismissed after the waitress couldn’t be found. Many people have questioned wether the woman was paid off or if she was scared to testify against Hardy and honestly we may never know the truth.

Another notable case is the one against Florida State running back Dalvin Cook. Below is a video where you clearly see Cook punch a young woman straight in the face

Dalvin Cook was found not guilty of this awful crime even after this video was released.

I have no idea why it seems that athletes feel like they are invincible to the law and can do whatever they want but it has to come to a stop. The laws must change to where the accused can still be charged no matter if the victim testifies or not as long as there is clear and indisputable evidence.

I could honestly go on and on for days about this topic but I end this writing by just pleading to everyone that the violence has to stop. No matter what the other person has or has not done it is not worth it to lay a hand on them, there are always better ways to resolve conflict.

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