The Blunders of the College Football Overtime Rules

I, like many other people in the United States love college football and make it a religion to sit down every Saturday and watch it from 12Pm to when the final west coast game finishes. Every week there is always that chance for a top team to be taken down by the underdog like Utah being defeated by USC Saturday night. I usually don’t focus on one game because I like to see what is happening with all the games I can possibly watch but Saturday I caught myself watching a lot of the Duke and Virginia Tech game. The one takeaway I have from that game is that college football needs to change their overtime rule.

The Blue Devils of Duke University came down on top but only after going through four overtimes. The same situation also took place during the Auburn and Arkansas game, which ended with Arkansas being victorious. Is it just me or is the format for college overtime a joke? For people that don’t know the specifics of the rules, in college, each team gets a chance to score and every drive starts at the 25-yard line, which already puts the team in field goal position. Finally if a victor is yet to be determined after two overtime periods then teams have to start going for two point conversions after a touchdown. After all this the game could still go on for as long as it need be to crown a winner. Now don’t get me wrong I am not a fan of a game ending in a tie but there has to be a different way to construct a better overtime format.

In the NFL there is one overtime period of fifteen minutes where each team has to possess the ball once unless the first team to possess scores a touchdown in which case the game is over. The only problem I have with the NFL overtime is that you can end in a tie but other than that it is a good format. The way college overtime is set up is in my opinion boring and doesn’t really intensify my overall watching experience.

So what do I think needs to change?

I believe that the college football overtime viewing experience could end up being so much better if a few things got changed. The first thing is to implement kickoffs back into overtime because teams should not be able to automatically get to start in field goal range. The last thing is that teams should be required to go for two point conversions after every touchdown scored. These changes would not only speed up the overtime periods but also bring back a level of excitement that may have been lost.